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Breaking News! HOMERUNDERBY is Now A BEST-7 POOL - See Below For Breakdown...

UPDATE: The 2 Korea Games on March 20th & 21st Dodgers vs Padres, will count to our stats/standings.

- NYC PICK-UP: Call for appointment (Contact: Kury-347-560-9837) - Long Island: Call for appointment (Contact: Mike-914-447-5445)
  • - Please call and give advance notice for your team pickup, thanks...
    - All team pages must be picked up, even teams entered into our website form

      How to Play/Team Setup

    • 1. Cost per team is: 100 (NO Checks)
    • 2. NEW!!! You must choose 8 players (Only Best/Top 7 Count) from the Available Players, click here
    • 3. Your team of (8) players must not exceed more than 172 Home Runs from (2022) Season's Stats
    • 4. You must fill out the online form and print a copy for pick-up click here to enter teams
    • 5. Contact a local pick agent in your State/Borough/County:

      • A. NYC: (KURLY - 347-560-9837)
      • B. NYC/Citi Field Queens: (MIKE- 914-447-5445)
      • C. Bronx/Westchester: (MIKE R. - 914-912-3010)
      • D. Connecticut/Westchester: (BOBBY - 914-882-8176)
      • E. Rockland County/New Jersey: (MARK - 845-608-5191)
      • F. Dutches County: (BIG MARK - 914-475-1658)
      • G. QUEENS/Brooklyn/Staten Island: (KURLY - 347-560-9837)
      • H. Philadelphia/Delaware/Maryland: (TONY - 914-384-4718)
      • I. Nashville: (JC - 973-632-7686)
    • 6. There is no limit to how many teams a person may enter

      Rules of the Game

    • 1. Deadline to enter all teams: March 28th 12:00 PM - NO Exceptions
    • 2. There are NO Injury Move (If a player on your team is injured you are stuck with him for the season)
    • 3. Rosters (all team entries) will be posted within 3 days of the start of the Season
    • 4. All Regular Season October Home Runs are count in September's Monthly Total
    • 5. If your player Dies or goes on the IL he is on your Team for the Entire Season.
    • 6. All play in games count towards homerun totals

      How to Win/Payouts

    • 1. All Prizes are subject to change with more team entries
    • 2. Projected Prize Payouts can be found here: Last season's payouts
    • 3. There will be a Monthly Payout to the Top 4 Teams (each month of MLB season)
    • 4. The Top 15 Teams Overall at the End of the MLB Season will Win Prizes
    • 5. The Top 3 Teams Overall at the Start of the All-Star Break will Win Prizes
    • 6. All Ties will be split evenly