Derby Sports 2017 NCAA Derby
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NCAA Live Video Broadcast Numbers Drawing is this Sunday, March 12th at 12pm

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NCAA Derby Pool Rules/Breakdown

There will be a random numbers drawing for this 100 box pool once we've collected payment for all purchased boxes, check this page for exact date and time.
This NCAA Derby Pool begins at the 1st Round of the 2017 tournament (EXCLUDING the first 4 games before the field of 64 teams).

Your selected box/es gives you 2 chances at a payout in every game of the field of 64 teams in the NCAA tournament. The last digits of the Halftime and Final Game Ending Scores will be used to determine the 2 (two) Winning Boxes of every game. Here's the Payout Breakdown:
Derby Sports 2017 NCAA Derby

NCAA Derby Boxes/Breakdown

The box chart breakdown is as follows: Numbers on the left represents the (Trailing Halftime & Lossing End Game Team Scores) and the Numbers at the top represents the (Leading Halftime & Winning End Game Team Scores).

NOTE: The last digit of the halftime and final scores are used to decide the winning boxes; see below chart

NCAA Derby Game-B is Now OPEN

Derby Sports 2017 NCAA Derby

NCAA Derby Game-A is Now Closed

Derby Sports 2017 NCAA Derby