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Monday Night Football

Football Pools Explanation Video

We are running multiple pools for MNF. First off will be the regular pool where we fill all boxes then our rollover pool which will max out at 58 boxes sold. Here are the rules for each pool:

    MNF Derby-A Breakdown

  • 1. 300 Per Box
  • 2. 100 Box Pool that lasts the entire NFL Season
  • 3. Pool closes when all boxes are sold, we may run multiple pools depending on demand...
  • 3. A Number Drawing before every MNF Game (17 Games)
  • 4. Payouts on all MNF Games (17 Games) - 27,000 in Payouts
    • a. 1st Payout (Half-Time) Score: 500
    • b. 2nd Payout (Final) Score: 1,088
  • 5. To reserve your box contact: Mike - 914-447-5445
  • 6. coming soon... MNF Derby results

    MNF Derby-B Breakdown

  • 1. 300 Per Box
  • 2. 100 Box Pool that lasts the entire NFL Season
  • 3. If this pool doesn't fill before week-1 it will be a rollover pool...
      Payouts for Rollover Pool
    • a. One Payout (Final) Score: 920
    • b. If an unsold box hits, winnings rollover to Next Week
  • 4. coming soon... MNF-B results

Football Derby 2019

Setup page coming soon...

    Teams Setup

  • 1. Choose 2 Team QBs
  • 2. Choose 2 Team Kickers
  • 3. Choose 6 Players
  • 4. Your team must not surpass 156 Total Touchdowns From available players page..
  • 5. call to schedule pickup of your team sheet/s: See our team setup page click here...
    -----NYC PICKUPS (09/03)-----
  • 6. DEADLINE 9/07/2019 at 8:00 PM (Strickly Enforced). 100 Per Team

    Point System

  • 1. Offensive Touchdown - 6 Points Each
  • 2. Field Goals - 3 Points Each
  • 3. QB Points: to receive team quarterback points that player must be listed as a quarterback on depth chart. are the charts we will use...
  • 4. Kicker Points: to receive kicker points any player that kicks a field goal for the selected team is eligible.
  • 5. No points for Special Teams Play Or Any Defensive Touchdowns


  • 1. There is no limit on number of teams submitted
  • 2. There are no drops or pick ups or injury moves
  • 3. There are no bench players, entire lineup starts
  • 4. If your player dies, he is on your team for the entire season
  • 5. Stats will be posted every Tuesday of the new week


  • 1. Top 5 teams at the end of the year will win prizes
  • 2. Top 3 teams from Week 1 thru Week 4 will win prizes
  • 3. Top 3 teams from Week 5 thru Week 8 will win prizes
  • 4. Top 3 teams from Week 9 thru Week 12 will win prizes
  • 5. Top 3 teams from Week 13 thru Week 17 will win prizes
  • 6. The percentage of prizes will depend on total league entries
  • 7. All ties will be split evenly

Thanksgiving Derby 2019


  • 1. 600 Per Box (one buy-in for all 3 games)
  • 2. 100 Box Pool - 54,000 in Prizes
  • 3. Progressive payouts (payout per score per game)
  • 4. Three (3) Numbers drawings. One for each Game:
    • a. Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions
    • b. Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys
    • c. New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons
  • 5. To reserve your box contact:Mike - 914-447-5445
  • 6. more info. coming soon

Survivor Pool 2019

Register page click here


  • 1. Survivor Derby Begins WEEK 1 of the NFL Season Sunday, 09/08/2019, Skipping the first Thursday Game!
  • 2. Cost per entry is: 100 (NO Checks)
  • 3. You MUST sign-up at our Register page, feel free to register as many teams as you like. Each registration can have the same information (email, phone, password, except Team Names MUST be Unique)
  • 4. To Group all your teams on the same page, players;contestants should register all teams under the same e-e-mail address. Also, your phone number is the backup password if you do not remember the password you've set...
  • 5. Payout will be based on total amount of player entries, 10% league cost will apply
  • 6. Call to confirm your entry and pickup: Mike - 914-447-5445

THIS POOL BEGINS WEEK #1 Of the NFL Season, all entries DEADLINE is 9/07/2019 at 8:00 PM (Strickly Enforced).

    Rules of the Game

  • 1. HOW TO WIN:
    • a. The winner/s of Survivor Derby is the last player/s not eliminate at the end of the NFL Season week 17.
    • b. More than one (1) player lasting to the end of week 17 is considered a Tie and those teams split winnings...
    • c. Or the last player not eliminated (ex: all players are eliminated but it's not the end of the NFL season)
  • 2.What if all players/contestants make a losing pick?
    • a. All players/contestants Survive and continue
  • 3. How to survive in weeks with two (2) required picks:
    • a. Players with one (1) winning pick survive
    • b. Players with zero (0) winning picks are eliminated
    • c. If all players have zero (0) winning picks then all players Survive
  • 4. Weekly selections/picks deadline: is the scheduled Start time of respective game. (This does not mean real-time game kickoff)
  • 5. Changing your selection/pick: players are allowed to change their selected team anytime before the scheduled start of the respective game. Enter your selections as early as possible. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE...
  • 6. Forgetting to make a pick: you will be eliminated if you forget to make a pick, feel free to e-mail us (NO CALLS) with any issues...
  • 7.Point Spreads: Survivor Derby will not use point spreads, wins, losses and ties are as is in the NFL.

    How to Play

  • 1. Survivor Derby is an Elimination pool
  • 2. To compete you must have a selected team/s expected to win before the deadline (15 minutes to Start of that game) each week of the NFL season, except, if you are the only Team not eliminated in the pool.
  • 3. You are eliminated when a team you select loses or ties or you do not make a team selection for the week.
  • 4. Two (2) selections will be required:
    • a. Week 14 (survivors) >= 50
    • b. Week 15 (survivors) >= 25
    • c. Week 16 (survivors) >= 10
    • d. Week 17 (survivors) >= 5
  • - Both teams must win to survive, if noone has 2 wins then everyone with 1 win survives...
  • 5. To make your weekly selection/s: you must sign-in to your member page and choose your winning team of that week. Failure to make a selection will eliminate you.